Get to know your Democratic representative

Bridgewater has 36 election districts and each of them has a male and female Democratic representative to hear your concerns.   These representatives want to know what you think is important in town and represent Bridgewater on the Somerset County Democratic Committee.  

Please feel free to use the Contact Us form to send a message to the representative for your district or the neighboring one if yours is unavailable.  The link below will take you to a map of the election districts if you need a reminder about which district you are in. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Your Democratic Representatives

District 4   John J. Shields

               Carol A. Shields

District 5   Christine Chen

District 6   Wen Ling Hsu

District 7   Grace Kochanik

District 9 William Carlson

              Barbara Christel

District 10 Rajesh Makhija

                Nidhi Makhija

District 11 Mark Kaplowitz

                Irene Amitrani

District 12 Glenn T. Wertheim

                Mary Jo Altom

District 13 William H. Wellman

                Regina A. Wellman

District 17 Mike Makarski


District 18 Harish Mangrukar

District 19 Franz Skok

               Angela Bodino

District 21 Elizabeth D. Hutcheon

District 22 Patricia N. Rydberg

District 24 Steven Beatty

                Rebecca G. Sturchio

District 25 David Kritz

                Marilyn R. Francis

District 27 Jeffrey Torres

                Ila Clemente

District 28 Alexis Ryan


District 29 Howard J. Stamato

                Joan Pritchard

District 30 Robert K. Field

District 32  Edward Ogin

                 Sandra D. Rhue

District 33 Alexis Ryan


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