Meet our Candidates! 

Rebecca Dryl is part of the fabric of our community having lived in Bridgewater her entire life. She graduated from the Bridgewater Raritan High School and received a BS in Political Science with a concentration in city planning.  Dryl will use her expertise in process management and land use to improve the communities of Bridgewater.  She brings the energy, vision, and hopes of a new generation. 

Howard Stamato has built technology, teams, and systems over the course of his career using his Masters of Chemical Engineering.  Stamato has lived in Bridgewater since 1993 choosing to raise a family here.  He has a track record of volunteering, most recently active organizing for students across the mid-Atlantic states in various STEM education programs.

Sandra Rhue plans to use her project management, regulatory, and finance skills to enhance the effectiveness of the budget and finance committees.  Her master's degree in Computer Science, Masters of Business Administration, and career experience assures her success. Rhue knows Bridgewater, living here since 1986, and has won awards for her commitment to community issues. 

The Bridgewater Democratic Committee chose Sandra Rhue, Rebecca Dryl and Howard Stamato to run for the three open four-year terms on the Bridgewater Township Council in November. 


These candidates all have new ideas to move Bridgewater forward. They have the training, experience and energy to make our hope a reality.   


Our team is creative, innovative, dedicated. We seek to make Bridgewater township the best place to live and work in New Jersey.


Rhue, Dryl, and Stamato are the official slate of party candidates to hold the Democratic line.


Check out our candidates in action!

2021 by the Bridgewater Democratic Committee.